FAQ: Configuring Your Workshop For Your Lathe


Q. What things should I consider when setting up my workshop for a wood lathe?

A. In an endeavour to make your life easier, we have compiled a list of things you should consider when configuring your workshop to accommodate a wood lathe. We hope you find it useful.

    Ensure you have 360 degrees clearance around the lathe to allow plenty of room for outboard turning, rigs, and jigs. Also consider allowing room for any future attachments (both inboard and outboard).
    Install a dedicated electrical circuit according to the following:
    • 25 Amp breaker with 15 Amp wall outlet
      ( 2436, 2416, 2036, 2016, & 1640 lathes )

    sufficient ventillation and/or dust collection or respiratory system for ease of breathing and general health - some woods are toxic.
    Adequate lighting is extremely important to ensure you do not strain your eyes. Florescent lighting is good for general lighting of you workshop. However, consider obtaining some specialized spot lighting which can be easily moved to an appropriate position when working on the inside of bowls or hollow forms. There are lighting attachments available to connect onto our larger lathes for spot lighting purposes. LED head lamps are another option to consider. These are cheap, efficient, and can be purchased at your local hardware store.
    You will want some place to store your wood. You will want to keep the wood storage fairly close to the lathe so you don't have to carry those heavy bowl blanks too far. If you storage area cannot be located by the lathe, at least make sure it is easily accessable. Some form or cart of trolley could be handy getting the wood to the lathe.
    Having your tools handy while you turn is a must. A tool cabinet somewhere near the lathe or a moveable tool caddy will make life a lot easier as your tools are always within easy reach.
    Having a dedicated sharpening station close to the lathe will encourage you to sharpen more frequently. Using sharp tools will create a better finish on your turnings and make your time at the lathe more enjoyable.

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    An area dedicated to performing tasks off the lathe.

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